Embracing Emptiness

by Just Went Black

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MCD/10" EP "Embracing Emptiness" released in May 2007 on Blacktop Records (CD Europe) / New Age Records (CD USA) / Assault Records (Vinyl)


released May 1, 2007


all rights reserved



Just Went Black Hamburg, Germany

JWB was a hardcore punk band that rocked for many moons. this is the "official profile" to keep our music available.

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Track Name: Withered (A Goodbye)
looking at myself - i never felt that weak before
through eyes of compassion i see a bitter old man,
who is trying to adore the young lovers,
the young beautiful
i keep on trying, it will break me down one day
this old body is ready to face the pain

digging into my last remains of self-esteem

howling at the dead moon, departed ego
digging my hole, burying myself
it's coming closer, i can feel my own decay
bleeding dry, dying restless

emptiness embracing its loyal son

staring at nothing, replacing my life with solitude
this fragile laughter is killing me - it's killing me
light-hearted minds, red flesh, blue eyes
it's killing me - this fragile laughter is killing me
Track Name: The City Lights
your city is dead!

i used to believe their whispered lies
i used to believe their stuttering
your city is dead!
burnt down, overflowed
your city is dead!
cripples are rising up tonight

dead end girls, dead end boys
tonight we are going underground
behind drawn curtains
we will outlive the fall of mankind
trapped and tied up,
keeping step with our fate

trapped and tied up,
seething with rage

locked out from the outside,
born to be the victims
we die from our own past
we are all born dead
Track Name: Losing Heart
we came in numbers and left in a haste
facing a wall of jealousy and greed
our priorities are changing day by day
how can you deny?
how can you ignore?
how can you deny?

take back the ravens, send them through troubled air
the hatcheries are waiting, fill them with your despair
take back the ravens, take back the ravens
the hatcheries are waiting, fill them with your despair

i'm counting my teeth, sure i'm gonna loose them all
armed with desperation, blessed by my broken dreams

ready to bring it to an end
all we have left is a memory of better days
a spark of hope remaining to burn down soon
walls falling down crushing my so-called life

we start to question our actions,
question ourselves
in the end we're questioning the whole entire world
their eyes are fixing our failures
forming our words into weapons

and through my bitter eyes
i see everything that i loved so much
turns into the counterpart
of my gentle memories
words can't express my hate
fists can't release this anger
we're going down

together and forever

my beloved fellow, we are losing heart
my beloved friends, we are losing heart
Track Name: Crossing Reason
i just can't spread my arms as wide as i still love you
and for gods sake i have to admit
it's just how the wise and old say
love's not dying it's thick water,
pouring into all direction
but when the tide goes out
i just can't stand that silence
here i lie with no emotion
eating up myself all night
as i try to interpret every single word you wrote

it's a constant fear, a constant state of selfishness

miles to go to find myself
mountains to climb to overview it all
ages left to stick to sincere ideas
on top of nothing, it's hard to see a light
on top of nothing

i was born, i was raised under a star of eagerness
walking with my fellows faith and aspiration
take back what belongs to me
Track Name: Twice As Sure
i feel the same for you, the same as you do for me
a storm is rising up, it's closing in on us
through all the stormy times we defy the bitter days
bold hearts will find a way to resist

and there might be days, i'm sure there will be
when trust seems to burn off slowly
we are gonna walk this road
twice as sure as we are now

no hollow words, blind trust in what we are
blind trust

it's the confidence of a man who believes in you
with honesty and a genuine heart

it's a promise made

it's no compromise to care
no waste of time to dare
for a heart that's beating next to yours
counting hours, counting days
it's the hard way to go
it's a promise and this promise is made to you

it`s no compromise to trust regardless the burden of the past
it's no compromise no compromise

and sure the fists of time will harm you in uncertain moments
try to beat the courage out of you
try to pull you down, take all your will
you find yourself distracted with pain
in a world of questions and self-doubt

but if we only move along if we only trust in ourselves
if we focus on the essence of "you and me" and in "me and you"
then we are ready to fight for our cause to defeat time and routine

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