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Dead Ends

by Just Went Black

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    one-sided 12inch, with screenprint on other side. clear vinyl. Released by Assault Records.

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Full Circle 02:11
felt dead for the past ten years. had no idea of who i am. step by step into nowhere. the bitter end I couldn’t bear. and finally all drifting parts come together. it’s coming full circle, all making sense. in a life that seemed to lead nowhere. with all questions asked and all actions done. a daily routine of looking down the barrel of a gun. and finally all drifting parts come together. and it’s a better understanding of how we should spend our lives. how we should love, how we should talk. and how we should take care of us. and it finally makes sense that we share a future full of choices. that the mistakes we make, are the lessons that no one can teach us upfront. that we have to learn life the hard way. crying tears of awareness. running against closed doors and blocked up ways. and finally all drifting parts come together.
i follow the trail of a dead man taking on a difficult legacy where is my place in life? your plans would be the end of me! who am i supposed to be? what do you want to see in me? who are you to judge anyway? when you mislead me anytime! one day, some day i will be free from all your sins one day, some day i will be free turn my head around take a look at what's behind me bury the pain, get you out of my head in a world full of excuses you grasp at straws even though you know that there is no place here for you not here, not now, it never was cover up my very existence i'm done! I’m gone! never saw myself in your life. never! kicked down, pushed around a frightened boy that's deaf and blind no words of wisdom, no helping hands it's just sit and wait so i reach out my begging hands walls around, walls inside my head i chose a life of dead-end ways and it's still sit and wait i'm obsessed with your ideas of a strong man deaf and blind reveal your intentions mislead me into nowhere!
from my earliest days. a black spot in my memory. had to learn the wrong ways of love and responsibility. drop by drop, the sea you'll drown in. stone by stone, the wall that will close in on you. I was fed with doubt and suspicion. pushed down, pushed away. getting used to be passed around. looks can be so deceiving. hard shell, soft heart. i turn that principle the other way around. an anxious child in the ruined body of an aging man. a gravely mind. I'm speaking with a black tongue. dropping words like gravestones. in your lovely neighborhood. 200 pounds of questions. 200 pounds of second thoughts. thirty years of expectations. thirty years of wasted time. and there are 200 pounds still waiting. take a look at 200 pounds you can't betray. and i look back at thirty years of sorrow. i remember thirty years of hate. so here i am, face down. with an endless list of questions. repeating my words again and again. and again and again. I didn't care for myself since i can't remember when. a bag of bones that carries only pain. in my dreams i'm a different man. relieved from all burden. relieved from all fears. relieved. relieved.
the hungry sea is waiting. another chapter closed. move on, hold on, digging your own grave. impatient waves are baring their teeth to pull you down. move out, swarm out - and never look back again. let the young and hopeful set their sails and swarm out in all directions. leaving home, leaving all behind. it's a dead end. it's a dead end. it's a dead end you're running for. what seems to be the cure might not be the saving shore. the will, the urge, for something more than this. ends in broken dreams and a quest for happiness. this life we live. a life of contradiction. day in, day out. we search for something that can't be found. day in, day out. lost somewhere, lost everywhere. we repeat this circle, for so many years. again and again. we follow the leaders into decay. lost hope. lost hearts. dead end! dead end! blind eyes. lost minds. dead end! dead end! I'm a deaf soldier trapped in my own war. point all weapons against myself. blindfolded, tumbling around. I once walked the lonely roads. with desperate minds. been in tune with the solitary souls. and what did i learn? what did i learn?
White Noise 02:47
no faith at all. with his sunken eyes. the world goes by. he lost it all. the saviours, they were promised. but they never, never came by. no one ever took a second for an excuse. no one ever cared at all. no one. his voice is troubled with the memories of yesterday. an empty stare clouded by the options of what his life could have been. he tells the stories that no one wants to hear anymore. the white walls are screaming, he can't stand the noise. the white walls are screaming, he can't listen anymore. the white walls are screaming. the white walls are screaming. years have passed him by. carried his health away.


Onesided 12" EP on Assault Records with silk print on b-side


released March 25, 2011


all rights reserved



Just Went Black Hamburg, Germany

JWB is a hardcore punk band that rocked for many moons and has been in "inactive mode" since 2012. This is the "official profile" to keep our music available.

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