Balancing Reasons In An Unbalanced World

by Just Went Black

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countersinking the last nail cannot stand this pain is this the sense of desire or is it just the price? maybe a glance of better days words are still able to tear me up and still i hope to catch this dream tonight so i step down once again into the cave of my inner-self passing all the dark memories that try to cloud my eyes by diluting the lines once so clear somehow it begins to in a way it always did to draw the curtain over my pictures of you so here i am once again beaten down and rejected watching myself from outside the failure that is me try to overcome try to turn it back balancing reasons in an unbalanced world why do i hate to love myself and what is the force that denies to be honest to myself maybe my life has reached a point where i should decide whether i choose the cure or the disease where all lines are drawn and bitterness seems to be a potential fellow i am sick of torturing myself sick of all the beatings tonight this will come to an end overcome overcome this is for the unloved greetings fuck
(free) 02:46
funny how one smile ruins my day after all these years the sun now surely shines above my head above my head funny how one little smile brings up old things long thought to be gone to be gone and forgotten funny how one little smile makes me recall every loss I suffered every failure Now the sun surely shines on me But not quite as bright as it used to be Not quite that beautiful Not quite that warming Not quite that bright Still a smile can kick me out Of my everyday routine Which I now trained for so long But not that successful I learn that everytime there´s a smile and all the defences crumble down the stronghold falls to pieces the walls come crashing down and I can´t keep up the facade
(free) 01:55
oh could you please indulge me stop to picture me on your skin to prevent the sunburn that will burn your white flesh and i had enough, it went too far and i had enough, it went too fucking far day by day, month for month it never seemed to reduce all my sickness did you ever spent a single minute on me is it worth your time or maybe is it just me? and i'm trapped in the radius we created for my life I'm limiting my inner self to the lines you draw for me watching at my life unconscious forced to see it passing away although i can feel your weakness it always reflects back on me and i only could attach the importance to the dreams that force on me at night and i could see it if i could feel it the abuse that the abuse that follows me and my the abuse that follows me and my whole life
(free) 01:41
to kill myself just to feel alive again to plunge down into hell to feel heavenly once to starve myself to death just to feel full once to tear myself apart to pieces to feel whole once not one step closer to forgiving just going on and passing each of the nine circles closer to death itself "it's over" she whispered gravely and again the worms left their caves to eat me from the inside eat up every single emotion and let me fall again dragging me with you die for me, die in me let your death be my birth again not one step closer just going on and passing each of the nine circles closer to death itself and it's dragging me with you
(free) 02:01
filled up I can no longer see blinded, forced fed nailed to the couch I'm destined to spend a lifetime in a constant state in a constant state of lethargy this will consume me this will eat straight through my brain lifeless and meaningless each day i witness my decay and each and every day i witness my decay it's my life, my mind, my heart, my everything my life, my mind, my heart, my everything will fade until I'm completely worn off and one day i'll find myself inhaling kerosene fumes breathing my final breath prepared to strike the match this flame will consume me this flame will set me free this flame will consume me this flame will set me free destroy myself destroy myself destroy myself destroy myself


released in late 2003 by Assault Records. Vinyl 7inch.


released December 1, 2003


all rights reserved



Just Went Black Hamburg, Germany

JWB was a hardcore punk band that rocked for many moons. this is the "official profile" to keep our music available.

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